The June U.S. employment numbers are up – especially in the health care sector, which gained 19,800 jobs.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) said the U.S. gained 190,000 jobs in June, leaving the unemployment rate flat at 7.8%. Of those 190,000 new jobs, 19,800 – over 10% – were in health care.
Ambulatory health care services, which include physicians’ and dentists’ and diagnostic facilities, were the biggest gainers in the category with 12,600 jobs. Only 200 of these were in doctors’ offices, though – 3,200 were in outpatient clinics, and a whopping 6,800 were in home health businesses.
Hospitals gained 4,500 jobs, and nursing and residential care facilities gained 2,700.
The health care sector has consistently been among the big winners in the BLS’ monthly jobs report. In May of 2012, when overall job growth was exceptionally week, health care jobs accounted for half the new jobs in America.