Plans to test a shorter, web-based version of the Home Health Care CAHPS (HHCAHPS) survey are expected to be published in the Federal Registry on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021.
CMS wants to test the response rates and scores of a web-based mode for the survey, with hopes of adding it to the mail and telephone modes currently available, the filing notes.
According to the HHCAHPS test website, agencies were recruited earlier this year, with plans to begin the test in late 2021.
Agencies participating in the test will use a shorter version of the survey, with 27 questions instead of the current 34.
The revised survey contains:
  • Fewer questions about medications
  • Different examples about ways to make home safer
  • Questions on several new domains, including whether:
    • staff treated them with care
    • staff cared about them as a person
    • services helped them take care of their health
    • staff provided family or friends with information