CMS has released an updated version of the Expanded HHVBP Model Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), with new answers to provider questions.
The update includes a new response on why HHVBP includes both Medicare and Medicaid patients.
“The expanded HHVBP Model is one of CMS’ value-based payment programs, which reward health care providers for the quality of care they give to Medicare beneficiaries,” CMS noted. “These programs are also part of a larger CMS quality strategy, which seeks to reform how health care is delivered and paid for to ensure that all persons receive equitable, high-quality, and value-based care. Consistent with this strategy, where it is practical and appropriate, CMS seeks to include all patients regardless of payment source in quality measurement and promotes the adoption of value-based payment models by other payers.”
Updated FAQ responses include identifying cohort assignments, whether there will be any changes in hospitalization measures and baseline year calculations.