Recruitment and Retention
President Donald Trump’s plan to defer payroll taxes for many employees through the end of the year is sparking questions and criticism from employers questions about how to implement the plan and criticism that the “tax holiday” may hurt more than it helps.
It is not enough for agencies to just talk about promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace.
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a ruling making it easier to discipline or fire employees for offensive speech.
Over the last few months, work as we know it has drastically changed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
The fear of contracting COVID-19 has forced home health agencies to get creative with how they recruit and onboard staff to fill any shortages they are seeing.
When the video of George Floyd handcuffed on the ground with a white Minneapolis police officer’s knee on his neck went viral, public outrage included claims of systemic racism in many law enforcement agencies.
If you’re like most businesses, you’re eager to reopen or return to “normal” operations as soon as possible.
When looking at data related to revenue, costs and profits, employee engagement might seem more subjective than tracking actual dollar amounts. 
Employers can take steps to combat the spread of misinformation and myths about COVID-19. 
Some states are loosening restrictions and allowing at least some businesses to reopen.


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