Quality Outcomes
One of the areas agencies need to focus on improving is discharge to the community, as this area is not only heavily scrutinized, but affects patient satisfaction scores in HHCAHPS.
Working to improve in emergency department without hospitalization rates can have effects beyond the one measure. Patients often do not want to go to the emergency department, so agencies that can keep their patients home may see an increase in the patient satisfaction scores, which is another piece of HHVBP.
Analytics on productivity, utilization (overall visits and discipline visits) and recertification rates also can help identify outliers among case managers and areas for further review. If you have clinicians who are never meeting productivity expectations, determine whether they’re spending enough time in the home and whether their patients are more complex.
Agencies often fall into the trap of passively monitoring instead of taking action to observe, assess, teach and instruct, which can help keep patients with diabetes out of the hospital.
One of the best ways to start laying the foundation now for future Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) bonuses is to focus fresh attention on your patient satisfaction efforts.
Everything that clinicians do determines an agency’s revenue, including their OASIS answers, code choices and how they conduct visits — with impacts on period payments, as well as determining an agency’s quality reporting scores and star ratings.
As flu season is once again upon us, CMS is offering providers new guidance on vaccinating patients.
The latest FAQs from CMS offer guidance on payors included in the HHVBP and more info on the annual performance report.
These examples from CMS demonstrate how the performance scoring methodology is applied to the claims-based, OASIS-based and HHCAHPS survey-based measure categories in Home Health Value-Based Purchasing.
Agencies that did not prioritize their Quality of Patient Care (QoPC) Star Ratings while a pandemic data freeze was in effect are starting to see the areas in which they may have been affected.


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