Quality Outcomes

Agencies should pay close attention to caregivers’ health. It could improve outcomes. Here’s a snapshot of caregivers, according to the 2016 Caregiving in the U.S. executive summary by AARP and National Alliance for Caregiving.

Agencies have improved by more than 1% since last quarter on eight different measures on Home Health Compare. Each of those measures is included within value-based purchasing.
Home health agencies in 2017 will spend more time and money than before on training and staffing dedicated to improving care quality, data show.
Educate patients who just underwent coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery that they need to take it easy and pace themselves when they come home from the hospital to avoid a readmission. Special care for CABG patients is something that hospital referral sources will pay more attention to now that their payment is linked to these diagnoses.
Train clinicians how to ask whether patients have lost interest in activities or if they have been feeling sad.
Click "Download File" to view a list of the top 100 HomeCare Elite agencies.
If your agency’s service area coincides with parts of the U.S. from Florida to Texas to Maryland and beyond — where Aedes species mosquitoes can thrive — focus on how well your clinicians educate patients about Zika virus dangers.
Clinicians should examine the labels of their patients’ soaps to see whether they contain any of 19 different active ingredients that can no longer be marketed a year from now. If the soaps contain one or more of those ingredients, clinicians should educate the patient about why to consider buying products that don’t contain those ingredients.
Document the use of over-the-counter medications when assessing patients for fall risks and use data to enhance interventions and best practices.
Three Texas agencies since 2015 placed patients in immediate jeopardy situations due to clinicians’ use of fingerstick devices and glucometers, according to survey reports HHL recently obtained via a public records request.


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