Marketing Strategies
When thinking of ways to attract referrals, an agency’s brand is not something that always comes to mind, but it can have a huge impact. 
Ensure your marketing team can both recognize and track referral patterns — even those that do not lead to an in-home visit — as the underlying causes may offer keen insight into agency opportunities.
Hospital-at-home programs need to generate data that shows the programs are effective. “If the healthcare industry and the folks who are in this space can design and generate that evidence, we can prove that it is comparable to alternative models."
For agencies looking to strengthen relationships with the ever-growing population of Medicare Advantage (MA) payors, referral sources could be the path to get your foot in the door.
Deals are still going to be made, but a deal that would have had five to 10 bidders last year may only have one or two now.
Your data is going to drive your argument for better rates and stronger partnerships in Medicare Advantage negotiations.
The industry’s staffing shortage extends to hospital-owned agencies, so now may be the time to partner with those hospitals in your service area that have similar patient populations.
As agencies look to set themselves apart from the competition, one thing that can give them a leg up is providing specialty chronic disease programs.
Take a fresh look at your sales and marketing efforts to ensure you are making the best use of these teams and are creating brand-consistent processes.


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