Recruitment and Retention
A growing challenge for agencies this year will be filling management roles, but those agencies that work to create career ladders will thrive.
Agencies struggling with recruitment need to discard old recruitment methods and create new, transparent job listings that will attract the right staff. This can be done through story-telling recruitment.
A good onboarding process is a key to making sure the clinician not only learns the basics of home care, but that they also learn more about your agency.
Recruitment and retention remain a top concern for agencies heading into 2024, with administrators looking to beef up benefits as one way to address staffing concerns. 
It can be tempting to hire just anybody when your agency is understaffed, but rethinking your interactions with new staff from recruiting through hiring can make a dramatic difference in retention. 
As agencies continue to struggle with staffing, payment cuts may force them to tighten their costs around recruitment making retention a top priority.
Find out what motivates your staff, and use that to create incentives that make them feel appreciated and want to stay with your company longer.
If you’ve come to rely on eLearning as your primary method for training new hires, consider bringing back some in-person training, too. It could go a long way to improve turnover as employees start seeking these opportunities to ask questions, gain feedback and connect with colleagues.
Ongoing staffing issues have some agencies hiring gig workers to supplement full-time staff.
If agencies have clinicians, aides or caregivers saying they’re facing burnout, management should take a look at the schedulers and make sure they have all the resources they need.


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