by: CMS' Home Health Compare
Home health agencies have made drastic improvements in many Home Health Compare measures over the past five years. But the percentage of patients who needed urgent, unplanned care in the hospital emergency room without being admitted actually increased, a data analysis show.  And the nationwide score on the Home Health Compare item involving patients having to be admitted to the hospital has remained about the same.
by: Minneapolis-based ABILITY Network, Inc.
Agencies’ use of maintenance therapy decreased in 2016 compared to 2015, according to data from Minneapolis-based ABILITY Network, Inc. Agencies used the maintenance therapy G code for PT during 0.94% of standard PPS home health episodes in 2016 — after using it during 1.05% of episodes in 2015.
by: HHL's 2017 Home Health Clinician Productivity Survey
Staffing turnover is the biggest challenge to agencies' productivity, according to nearly 38% of the 120 respondents to a question on HHL's 2017 Home Health Clinician Productivity Survey. 
by: SHP, Santa Barbara, Calif.
Although pain assessment likely will be the lowest scoring of the seven HIS measures to be included on Hospice Compare, Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) clients have made significant improvement on it in the past year. Pain assessment improved to 87.7% in 2016 from 78.3% in 2015 among the 1,400 hospice locations from which Santa Barbara, Calif.-based SHP collects quality data.
by: HHL's Final CoPs Survey
More agencies are focusing their QAPI projects on improving on HHCAHPS results than anything else. That’s according to the 317 respondents to a question on HHL’s Final CoPs Survey. Agencies were provided a list of 15 potential QAPI projects and asked to select any they had undertaken in the past year or plan to undertake.
by: Home Health Compare
Several measures within Home Health Compare have improved by 10% or more from April 2010 through April 2017. One item with a massive improvement is ambulation, which improved 23.2%. Bathing improved 8.6% — among the few changes that have not seen improvements of 10% or more.
The data below show the average number of home health visits per day performed by discipline. The data below are based on 127 responses to HHL’s 2017 Home Health Clinician Productivity Survey. Visits are not weighted.
by: HHL’s 2017 Productivity Survey
More than 70% of respondents to HHL's 2017 Home Health Clinician Productivity Survey said it took at least five more minutes for clinicians to complete a start-of-care assessment in the first few months after OASIS-C2 began.
by: ABILITY Network
The average number of clinical case-mix points in 2016 was 4.04 — that’s relatively stable after it plummeted from 8.27 in 2014 to 4.17 in 2015, according to data from Seattle-based ABILITY Network.
by: HHL’s Final CoPs Survey
Most agencies are planning to provide more QI training and more quality reviews to prepare for the new QAPI requirement. That’s according to the 323 respondents to a question on HHL’s Final CoPs Survey.


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