Quality Outcomes
Agencies in the nine value-based purchasing states performed better and improved more on several key Home Health Compare measures, according to an ABILITY Network analysis of April 2017 Home Health Compare data. These measures are based on the same data elements used to determine value-based purchasing financial rewards. 
By keeping patients better informed about when clinicians will arrive, agencies can improve their performance on two low-scoring HHCAHPS questions. Such an improvement could raise your agency’s HHCAHPS results and star rating, something referral sources strongly consider.
One takeaway from the 2018 proposed PPS rule is that value-based purchasing isn’t going anywhere, industry experts say.
Educate clinicians about the major quality measure changes CMS announced it plans to make to comply with the IMPACT Act.
The number of agencies earning 5 stars in patient satisfaction rose drastically in July 2017 compared to the prior quarter. This presents an opportunity for 500 more agencies to market their star status to referral sources.
For the first time since 5-star quality of care ratings were released back in July 2015, there has been a drop — albeit a slight one — in the number of 5-star agencies.
The latest update of Home Health Compare data was released July 12 and agencies have — again — taken major strides on many of the measures included within value-based purchasing.
by: Home Health Compare
More than 1,500 agencies nationwide earned five stars in the ratings system involving HHCAHPS, according to the ratings released in July 2017. That’s a 47% increase from April 2017.
Ensure that all of your home health agency’s patients have individualized plans for what to do in the event of an emergency — and that you document conversations with patients about emergency preparedness. Agencies found during surveys to be in noncompliance risk being cited.
Have a quality assurance nurse review all patients on start of care to make sure clinicians are using the right visit frequency for at-risk patients.


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