Quality Outcomes
As more patients look to receive care at home, there’s an opportunity for home health agencies to take on higher acuity patients and become the referral partner of choice for hospitals and other providers.
Home health aides spend a lot of time in the home and in direct communication with their patients. Because of this, they can often provide beneficial insight into the patient’s abilities which can then be followed through with education provided by the clinicians.
In times of staffing shortages, you can find efficiencies by carefully prescreening patients to be sure they meet eligibility requirements and are open to care to avoid future LUPAs from missed visits.
Agencies struggling with medication reconciliation should consider setting up a medication reconciliation peer observation study as an effective way to align the Conditions of Participation with clinical practice.
The national average for the measure, “How often the home health team determined whether patients received a flu shot for the current flu season” showed a significant decline from a national average of 78.7% in January 2022 to 74.4% in January 2023.
Review the record of each patient to look for trends in 60-day acute care hospitalizations as national HHVBP gets underway. For example, reexamining hospitalizations might show that patients under the care of a certain clinician are more likely to be admitted.
An on-call service can be a key part of keeping your patients out of the hospital and ER, and potentially impact your overall rating in patient surveys.
Smart use of paraprofessionals can help cut costs. It is less expensive than skilled professional services and paraprofessionals are able to provide services following the plan of care set up by the overseeing skilled discipline.
When looking to achieve organizational goals involving multiple service lines, it is best to have service-line specific QAPI committees that are facilitated by one overall QAPI manager.
One of the areas agencies need to focus on improving is discharge to the community, as this area is not only heavily scrutinized, but affects patient satisfaction scores in HHCAHPS.


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