Quality Outcomes
The two most important factors contributing to the cost of caring for a patient with wounds are the number of visits made by clinical staff and the types of products that are used to treat the wounds.
Agencies looking to increase their wound care patient census can do so through a variety of strategies including utilizing positive wound care outcomes and partnering with wound care vendors to increase their reach and value proposition to referral sources.
Use a targeted internal review to spot OASIS assessment patterns so that you can identify problems impacting patient outcomes and flag issues that could lead to medical review challenges down the road.
In the 2025 hospice payment update proposed rule, CMS is seeking input on four Social Determinants of Health items that it says “align across post-acute care and hospice care settings,” with the expectation that they will eventually support quality measures.
Agencies that practice more preventative care through helping patients gain access to healthier food and empowering them to follow better food habits, will impact the number of patients admitted to the hospital.
LUPA rates are up compared to 2019. Even though the pandemic ended last spring, lingering COVID-19 cases and other airborne infections are still affecting whether or not someone accepts or keeps home health services.
One way to prepare for bonuses in HHVBP is to look at key OASIS items such as M1033 and the SDoH items as a tool to craft stronger plans of care complete with interventions that will keep patients safe at home and out of the hospital. 
Agencies should pay close attention to their fall interventions as recent Care Compare data showed improvement on quality measures except for the measure regarding falls. 
Home health agencies often get so caught up in caring for patients that it can be difficult to see when hospice and palliative care may be more appropriate. If patients don’t get the hospice care when they need it, it could cause a risk for hospitalization. 
Apply the information you’re collecting now around Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and health equity to get ahead of future quality measures alluded to by CMS in the 2024 Home Health Prospective Payment System final rule.


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