by: Mays Home Care
This tool can be used to play QAPI Land, a game to help with quality improvement.
by: Trish Twombly
Use this ICD-10 readiness checklist to prepare for the new code set.
View HHL's 2015 regulatory calendar.
CMS has removed the requirement for physicians to provide a face-to-face narrative. Below is a sample, revised encounter form that removes spaces for doctors to write narrative examples within their face-to-face documentation. This form could be a separate document that your agency provides doctors or this information could be captured in the plan of care. 
HHL has compiled this quick-reference tool to give you an outline of the major changes in the proposed Conditions of Participation (CoPs) for home health as well as the page numbers where you can read the full description of the changes. The proposed CoPs were posted Oct. 6. 
View some of the many things the CoPs say about the new QAPI requirements
by: Palmetto GBA
Claims denied due to the recent PECOS issue may be adjusted or qualify for using the Clerical Error Reopening process instead of the redetermination process. Agencies within the Palmetto GBA area should use this Clerical Error Reopening request form.
Dozens of agencies nationwide have placed patients in immediate jeopardy, data CMS provided HHL show. Here are triggers to identify areas in which your agency may be at risk for immediate jeopardy citations.
Payments from Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers are coming faster in 2014 than they were in 2013, according to The Financial Monitor, a Hamden, Conn.-based benchmarking service of Simione Healthcare Consultants.
Use this form to capture face-to-face encounter information from physicians.


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