The challenges around the physician contact timeline outlined in M2003 (Medication follow-up) and M2005 (Medication intervention) were the subject of questions and critique at the Home Health Quality Reporting Program (HHQRP) provider training CMS conducted in Baltimore on May 4.
Have clinicians fill out M1910 (Fall risk assessment) prior to answering questions on the OASIS involving bathing. If you consider the patient’s fall risk and think she might fall in the shower if left alone, you should mark “3” on M1830 (Bathing), not “2.”
OASIS-C2 is the regulatory change that has had the biggest impact on agencies’ productivity in 2017, the results of a new HHL survey show.
Initial pilot testing results related to the IMPACT Act show a few domains such as pain are straightforward and easy to complete. But other domains such as cognitive status and medication reconciliation will require some edits before they get adopted.
by: Jennifer Sandel, co-owner of Home Care Services Solutions, Battle Creek, Mich.
Use the following tool to track each step of the OASIS assessment’s submission process and stay within the 30-day deadline.
With a new requirement that took effect April 1, untimely OASIS submissions could put agencies’ payment at risk for the first time.
With a new requirement that takes effect April 1, untimely OASIS submissions could put agencies’ payment at risk for the first time.
The OASIS-C2 Q&As that CMS posted Feb. 24 finally offer direction in writing on how to answer M1311 (Current number of unhealed pressure ulcers at each stage) and M1313 (Worsening in pressure ulcer status since SOC/ROC).
In the early stages of the transition to OASIS-C2, industry experts encourage agency leaders to focus training on a few items that could impact their bottom lines.
Two-way communication and completion of the prescribed/recommended action must occur by midnight of the next calendar day after the potential clinically significant medication issue was identified to answer “1 — Yes-Issues found during review” in M2001 (Drug regimen review).


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