Code a condition in M1017 (Diagnoses requiring medical or treatment regimen change within past 14 days) even if the condition has recently improved but only if it’s relevant to and included on the patient’s plan of care.
CMS’ revised OASIS Q&A document offers welcome insight for home health clinicians and experts craving updates since regular, centralized Q&As ended in 2016.
Use CMS’ newly posted provider training materials to ensure clinicians understand how to answer GG0170C (Mobility) or risk payment.
Many items will be eliminated from the OASIS and several others will be added to the assessment as part of CMS’ ongoing efforts to comply with the IMPACT Act.
The 2018 final PPS rule finalizes changes to 33 OASIS items that will result in the collection of 235 fewer data elements at specific time points within a home health episode. The elimination of the data elements equates to the complete removal of certain items in the OASIS, except where otherwise indicated with asterisks as explained in the footnotes of the table below, according to CMS.
Agencies say system limitations and edits are leading to unnecessary denials and payment suspensions to the tune of $25,000 for some providers over a failure to match an OASIS with the claim. But CMS is making changes to offer agencies relief moving forward.
Review CMS’ latest Q&A on the one-clinician rule to make sure clinicians’ collaboration on the OASIS complies with new guidance manual changes effective January 1, 2018. This step could prevent overpayment risk during future audits.
Home health agencies will now have their claims returned instead of automatically denied when Medicare systems fail to match those claims with a corresponding OASIS assessment.
Get ready to collect as many as 15 new OASIS data elements involving cancer, respiration, IVs and tubes and nutritional approaches starting in 2019 if CMS finalizes a proposed change announced in the 2018 PPS rule.
CMS has released five scenarios to help clinicians correctly answer new OASIS medication questions that have been added to comply with the IMPACT Act and will be publicly reported.


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