Private Duty
Digital marketing through Facebook or similar avenues allows agencies to pull data from key metrics and use it to target messages to that audience.
Clients don’t typically see schedulers face to face, but they are the individuals driving the business in a lot of ways, so it’s important to curb turnover and promote an environment that allows schedulers to grow the agency.
A conversation about word-of-mouth referrals, client retention and how agency owners can set the foundation for trusting relationships with clients and caregivers.
When an agency is trying to determine adding concierge services, look at adding services people most commonly ask you about
Keep it simple when building relationships with community referral sources.
The cost of providing in-home care services has increased, according to the 2020 Genworth Cost of Care Study, and the pandemic has played a role.
Getting involved with the village movement may be an untapped opportunity for private duty agencies.
With the price clients pay for homemaker and home health aide services going up, agencies should look for ways to stand out in the crowd and clearly communicate any price increases.
The national turnover rate for private duty caregivers in 2018 ballooned to 81.6% — by far the highest turnover rate in the 10 years Home Care Pulse of Rexburg, Idaho, has tracked this data.
After more than a year of legal back-and-forth, home care agencies in New York can rest easy in the longstanding practice of paying live-in caregivers in the state for 13 hours a day — excluding sleep and rest periods.


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