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Two potential quality measures reached an important stage last month, though both ideas are getting pushback from industry leaders.
Millennials can be a particularly tricky audience to recruit. But it should be a priority in 2023 as this part of the workforce will play a major role in your future success. To attract these workers, get to know their needs and how to appeal to them.
While some of the changes were simply to fix typographical errors or add a missing word, experts say that a handful of the changes were significant — particularly in Section D: Mood regarding the use of a dash as a response.
As agencies look to accept Medicare Advantage patients, they are often tripped up by the authorization required, as it isn’t something that comes up with traditional Medicare. It requires additional resources and tracking in order to go through that process, and it presents another risk for claim denials if it’s not done correctly.
CMS already is working on incentives for home health providers addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Analysts with the congressional Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) say SDoH could be included in future public reporting to encourage providers to focus on reducing health disparities.
Agencies can now access a Pre-Implementation Performance Report (PIPR) available on iQIES. CMS featured the new report, along with details about OASIS-E and new telehealth codes, in an open door forum call with home health and hospice providers Nov. 9.
The small increase in the average home health payment for a Medicare period in 2023 is not enough and could put additional strain on agencies dealing with inflation, staffing shortages and the implementation of OASIS-E.
CMS is moving ahead with a 7.85% permanent cut in payments between the two years and and still plans to eventually claw back billions in additional spending over the first three years of PDGM.
CMS clarified how to answer new OASIS-E item O0110 (Special Treatments, Procedures, and Programs; Oxygen therapy) in its fourth quarter OASIS Q&As.
One way to take advantage of your orientation program is to spread it out over a several week experience that will give clinicians the tools they need to succeed in their role.


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