The graph shows the percentage of PAC providers who can send and receive electronic data.
The data below are pulled from interviews with 1,327 frontline health care workers who work in a variety of settings including hospitals, doctors’ offices, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, assisted care facilities and home health agencies.
This chart breaks down the characteristics of 30-day Medicare home health periods for patients with COVID-19 compared with those patients with all diagnoses from April through October 2020.
This is a look at the average number of visits per 30-day period broken down by payment type and clinical group. The data represent 4.6 million period claims billed from January through October 2020 and pulled from Strategic Healthcare Programs National Client Database.
Recent PDGM data show that agencies may not have pulled back on therapy visits in 2020 as much as some may have expected.
This chart shows the average number of therapy visits that agencies performed in the first 10 months of PDGM compared to the average number of therapy visits in CMS’ Limited Data Set for all periods in 2018.
This table shows the average case-mix weight for 30-day periods in 2020, the first full year of PDGM.
About 10% of a total 523,986 primary codes were COVID-19 related in January 2021, the first month they took effect. J12.82 (Pneumonia due to coronavirus disease 2019) was the most commonly used of these codes, used 69 times as primary and 27,011 times as secondary. The data reflect starts of care and resumptions of care from Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) National Client Database.
Nearly two-thirds of all agencies that responded to the HHL trends survey said that they were planning on administering the COVID-19 vaccine to staff when it became available.
The 2019 payment adjustments and latest outcome scores for HHVBP agencies as CMS looks to expand model to other states.


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