Quality Outcomes
In an increasingly value-based industry, quality of care is more important now than ever for all agencies, including private duty.
When patients are admitted into home health, it’s imperative that the care ramps up quickly to avoid unnecessary readmissions.
Chapters Health Home Care shares its approach toward securing positive HHCAHPS scores.
Hire staff members who speak multiple languages, and you may be surprised the effect it has on your readmission rates.
Give your agency the gift of better patient satisfaction scores, which will go a long way in securing HHVBP bonuses and creating a culture that clinicians want to be part of.
Home health agencies should consider an “if you build it, they will come” philosophy when looking at the utilization of SLP.
With the transfer of health being a top priority under the upcoming OASIS-E, agencies should take a look at their EMR systems and ensure that they have a way to both send and receive patient information securely, efficiently and effectively.
Home health and hospice agencies are partnering with technology-enabled wound specialty companies to help manage wound patients for the best clinical and financial outcomes.
When looking to improve your operations post pandemic, consider giving your case management processes a tune up. Effective case managers are key to improving outcomes and patient and referral satisfaction, as well as attracting and retaining qualified clinicians.
A recent Home Health Value-Based Purchasing (HHVBP) report might be the ammo that CMS needs to move forward with plans to expand the demonstration nationwide in the near future.


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