This table shows the percentage of roughly 1.9M home health claims billed to Medicare for each clinical group from January through May 2020.
This graph shows the average functional impairment points for 2.3M traditional Medicare 30-day payment periods that started January through May 2020 from the Strategic Healthcare Program’s national client database. (See related story for tips on OASIS accuracy for functional items).
Here’s a list of the top 10 primary diagnoses for traditional Medicare 30-day periods pulled from Strategic Healthcare Programs’ National Client Database.
The data below show home health agencies’ average 30-day payment period visit utilization broken down by clinical group and payment type under PDGM.
The data below show the percentage of Medicare traditional home health periods with various PDGM components that impact home health payments in 2020. 
by: CMS
Below is the latest refresh of Home Health Compare.
Each month Home Care Pulse in Rexburg, Idaho, conducts thousands of interviews with home care caregivers as part of the Satisfaction Management Program.
by: CDC
The data below show the underlying medical conditions for 305 adult patients hospitalized with COVID-19 at eight Georgia hospitals in March 2020, according to a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report.
The charts below show how coders’ job function and years of experience impact their annual average salary.
by: CCW
This table shows how the combined effects of all of the proposals in the 2021 hospice payment rule vary by specific types of providers and by location. See full breakdown below. (For more details on the 2021 proposed hospice payment rule, see story.) 



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