Private Duty
Before determining whether it makes sense for your private duty agency to contract with Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, examine your population and local plan options.
New projections show the occupations of home health aide and personal care aide will grow exponentially by 2026. As a result, agencies should take recruitment efforts up a notch in order to attract the best candidates amid an avalanche of similar job openings.
The number of mergers and acquisitions in the private duty industry hit record numbers in 2016 and 2017.
Prepare aides for the possibility that their clients might die, and ensure your agency uses compassion and empathy when communicating with aides after those clients pass away.
Yet another report from the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) indicates that Medicaid personal care services are vulnerable to fraud and require greater oversight.
Without swift movement from Congress in the next few months, nearly 800,000 people protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) will be forced to leave the workforce and the country.
The cost of home care services is on the rise for consumers, and providers should consider cost-saving strategies to keep prices manageable for clients.
Smart speaker wireless technology like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home may not be for fun and convenience alone. Some home care agencies are adding them to their array of services to improve care for clients.
One private duty agency’s implementation of a specialty Parkinson’s program has shown strong results both with client outcomes and revenue.
The importance of online reviews continues to grow for potential home care customers — and as a result, it has become increasingly important for agencies to manage their reputation online.


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