There is an upward trend in the number of home health agencies switching electronic health records (EHR) systems. New regulations — including ICD-10 and value-based purchasing — could be part of the reason for the increase.
Watch your business neighbors for a heads up on when you should be looking at your cybersecurity measures — including whether you have been breached already and didn’t even know it.
Agencies should investigate whether hiring a secure text messaging company makes sense for them.
Agencies should look to spend about a quarter of their overall IT budget on servers and networking equipment.
Many agencies plan on taking advantage of the latest and greatest in technology trends, such as mobile telehealth, to meet growing challenges faced by the industry.
Outsourcing your agency’s information technology (IT) roles can save it tens of thousands of dollars, a significant savings in indirect costs in the wake of years of regulatory cuts to the industry.
Remodeling a stagnant or flawed telehealth program can turn a failure into a success and ultimately reduce your agency’s rehospitalization rates.
One simple solution has helped an agency save more than $100,000 a year: Being able to fax electronic medical records to doctors through its computer system, without needing to print or mail anything.
Wheaton Franciscan Home Health & Hospice, Inc. didn’t start to recognize the full benefits of cloud computing until last February when the agency’s managers provided its nurses, therapists and clinicians with Verizon Mobile Hotspots.
Agencies that have made the switch to storing information in “the cloud,” or a remote server rather than on an in-house client server, are recognizing the benefits of secure data and  reduced costs in maintaining IT departments and servers onsite.


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