Marketing Strategies
Your data is going to drive your argument for better rates and stronger partnerships in Medicare Advantage negotiations.
The industry’s staffing shortage extends to hospital-owned agencies, so now may be the time to partner with those hospitals in your service area that have similar patient populations.
As agencies look to set themselves apart from the competition, one thing that can give them a leg up is providing specialty chronic disease programs.
Take a fresh look at your sales and marketing efforts to ensure you are making the best use of these teams and are creating brand-consistent processes.
When looking for ways to attract referral sources, agencies often overlook their intake process. A quick and easy intake process can be attractive to referral sources as it means less labor and time on their end.
It can be tough to turn down patients. Agencies need to ensure that they aren’t burning any bridges with referral partners when continuously rejecting patients.
One of the keys to growing your business, either as a home health agency or a home care provider, is by demonstrating your agency’s value to referral sources, a step that will speak even louder as home health moves toward value-based care.
Agencies looking to partner with Medicare Advantage organizations should increase their efforts in documenting and addressing Social Determinants of Health as a way to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospitalizations and increase the value of their services to current and prospective payers.
As home health and hospice marketers are finally getting in to see referral partners after more than a year of remote marketing it’s a perfect time to reflect and prepare.


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