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CMS’ new HHCAHPS fact sheet provides a standardized way for agencies to educate patients to look for the surveys and hopefully improve response rate.
One of the biggest challenges for hospice providers over the next 18 months is going to be staff education around the new quality measures tied to the Hospice Outcomes and Patient Evaluation instrument.
Industry leaders are blasting a proposed fiscal year 2025 hospice payment rate update, as CMS finally pushes forward with significant changes to the CAHPS Hospice survey and hospice quality reporting, including the implementation of the Hospice Outcomes and Patient Evaluation (HOPE) instrument.
The new guidance also adds three emergency preparedness items to the list of standard Level 1 reviews. This likely means that emergency planning will become a focus in surveys and generate additional deficiencies that agencies haven’t seen.
A patient having prior home health experience can alleviate the anxiety of having clinicians in a patient’s home when hospice care is needed.
One of the main causes for delayed claims is that the referral reason is for something such as “frequent falls due to weakness,” but there is a lack of supporting documentation to support what is causing the weakness.
It’s important for agencies to get the authorization practice streamlined, especially with the increase of Medicare Advantage (MA) plans. An ability to navigate this challenge can make or break your success with alternative payors and put you in a better position to adapt as the payor mix continues to evolve.
The number one area in home care ripe for technological advancements, such as AI, is documentation compliance. While AI technologies are still evolving, now is the time to start leveraging these tools.
Effectively managing employee expectations during periods of change can make or break an agency’s staff morale and ultimately retention rates.
Select QAPI items that affect the most patients, are the most critical or have the least amount of improvement needed to move the needle to show the fastest positive results.


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