The Joint Commission is seeking continued recognition as a national accrediting organization for home health agencies that wish to participate in Medicare or Medicaid programs.
A proposed notice acknowledging receipt of an application from The Joint Commission was published in the Federal Register Oct. 24 and is open for public comment through 5 p.m. Nov. 25.
CMS' review of the application will be consider the following factors:
  • The equivalency of The Joint Commission’s standards for agencies compared with the revised Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs).
  • The Joint Commission's survey process to determine:
    • The composition of the survey team, surveyor qualifications and the ability of the organization to provide continuing surveyor training;
    • The comparability of its processes to those of state agencies, including survey frequency and the ability to investigate and respond appropriately to complaints against accredited agencies.
    • Processes and procedures for monitoring agencies found out of compliance with The Joint Commission’s program requirements. These monitoring procedures are used only when the commission identifies noncompliance. If noncompliance is identified through validation reviews or complaint surveys, the state survey agency monitors corrections as specified at § 488.9(c).
    • Capacity to report deficiencies to the surveyed agencies and respond to the agencies' plan of correction in a timely manner.
    • Capacity to provide CMS with electronic data and reports necessary for effective validation and assessment of the organization’s survey process.
    • The adequacy of staff and other resources and its financial viability.
    • Capacity to adequately fund required surveys.
    • Policies with respect to whether surveys are announced or unannounced, to assure that surveys are unannounced.
    • Policies and procedures to avoid conflicts of interest, including the appearance of conflicts of interest, involving individuals who conduct surveys or participate in accreditation decisions.
    • Agreement to provide CMS with a copy of the most current accreditation survey together with any other information related to the survey that CMS may require (including corrective action plans).
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