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The structural measure concept for a home health and hospice equity measure was well received by industry leaders participating in a technical expert panel, according to CMS.
Two home health agencies under investigation were identified using an algorithm to uncover potentially fraudulent billing practices previously observed among home health providers.
CMS noted a cumulative decrease of $1.3 billion in spending for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries using home health, largely driven by reduced spending on inpatient services.
“Providers are sending documents without coversheets, ADR letters, and/or sending them to the incorrect department. Sending your documentation this way will delay processing,” Palmetto noted.
It took 15 minutes for a jury to convict a Texas home health marketer in a $17.7 million kickback scheme, according to the Texas Attorney General’s Office.
Currently up for an extension as an approved collection activity, the cost report is used to determine a provider’s reasonable cost incurred in furnishing medical services to beneficiaries is used for the annual rate setting and payment refinements.
CMS has provided two updated tools to help with measure calculations under Home Health Value-Based Purchasing. Results in 2023 will impact payment adjustments in 2025.
To raise awareness for the tireless work of home health nurses and aides, Hearts for Homecare is working to educate politicians, media and decision-makers on the challenges these workers face.
The sector added 2,300 jobs in April. That’s down from 11,900 additional jobs added in March.
In its message to providers, CGS noted that, if providers feel the dark day period caused a late NOA or NOE submission, they must “provide the appropriate supporting documentation with the associated final claim.”


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