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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently updated its frequently asked questions regarding Provider Relief Funds, particularly addressing certain concerns around reimbursement requirements.
CMS recently responded to questions about home health agencies billing for the COVID-19 vaccine administration.
CMS released several proposed rules late Thursday, including the FY 2022 Hospice Payment Rate Update.
CMS introduced the Hospice Care Index (HCI) as a new proposed measure for the Hospice Quality Reporting Program.
The Kaiser Family Foundation and The Washington Post has released more survey results from conversations with 1,327 frontline health care workers, including more than 290 working in the home.
Medicare systems corrected three errors on April 1 affecting the payment of CY2021 claims.
Home care could see a significant increase in federal spending if Congress approves the $2 trillion economic package offered by President Joe Biden on March 31.
CMS has released updated guidance for surveyors related to emergency preparedness requirements, incorporating changes to the rules in recent years and lessons learned from the pandemic.
CMS announced Tuesday that it will be holding claims with dates of service on or after April 1 as legislation works its way through the House to extend the delay on a 2% sequestration reduction.
CMS announced March 26 that the phased-in participation of the Review Choice Demonstration for agencies in Florida and North Carolina will continue for an additional 90 days.


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