The final 2021 hospice payment rule, released today, moves forward with CMS’ plans for the hospice election statement and addendum with changes effective Oct. 1, 2020.
In comments regarding the 2021 proposed hospice payment rule the industry asked CMS for an extension on this requirement to allow hospices time to prepare, especially as they are dealing with response to the national public health emergency.
But the final rule states that CMS has provided examples of the election statement and addendum on its website to help providers prepare. CMS also finalized the adoption of the revised Office of Management and Budget statistical area delineations for the patient’s location and will apply a 5% cap on wage-index decreases from fiscal year 2020 to 2021.
CMS finalized the hospice payment update of 2.4% ($540M). This is a result of the 2.4% market basket percentage increase. The hospice payment system also includes an aggregate cap of $30,683.93, the CMS release states. For continued coverage and tips to help hospices prepare, see upcoming issues of Home Health Line.
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