CMS has released a summary report from the Standing Technical Expert Panel (TEP) for the Development, Evaluation, and Maintenance of Post-Acute Care (PAC) and Hospice Quality Reporting Program (QRP) Measurement Sets.  
This report summarizes input provided by the TEP on the development of additional cross-setting measures for the PAC and hospice QRPs, and filling measurement gaps with CMS’ Universal Foundation measures.  
This cross-setting TEP is a standing TEP that will reconvene annually, or on an as-needed basis, to support the evaluation, development, and maintenance of the PAC and Hospice QRP measurement sets until 2028.
The panel looked at measures for behavioral and mental health, patient experience, pain management and immunization.
The input provided by this TEP meeting will help CMS prioritize new measure development efforts to address PAC and hospice measurement gaps, the report notes.
“As next steps, the PAC and Hospice QRP Team envisions adapting some of the new measure concepts discussed to the PAC and hospice settings and conducting analyses to develop measure specifications and concepts for consideration at future occurrences of the standing TEP,” according to the report.