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CMS released an updated version of the Home Health Grouper to account for the code changes set to take effect on April 1, 2023.
The 77-page toolkit includes four case studies and frequently-asked questions about how to identify, collect, analyze, and use social determinants of health to address healthcare inequities and access issues.
Home health providers will learn more about an upcoming call regarding PDGM and behavioral adjustments, while hospice providers will get an update on a planned spring forum on the Hospice Quality Reporting Program.
"This year when we looked at our budget, I cut as much as I could and just went to my board and said, 'How do I not give my staff a 3% raise this year with inflation?"
A home care agency reportedly employed a home health aide who was excluded from participating in any Federal health care program and provided items or services that were billed to Federal health care programs.
From January 1 – February 6, 2023, CMS incorrectly returned claims with telehealth services if they didn’t include an in-person visit with the same revenue code (reason code 31869).
Checking off a requirement mandated through the omnibus spending bill in December, CMS will be hosting a forum to dive deep into the methodology around PDGM and behavioral adjustments.
The U.S. Justice Department unsealed charges Feb. 7, 2023, against 23 people in alleged fraud schemes to defraud Medicare of more than $61.5 million by paying kickbacks and bribes and billing Medicare for unnecessary medical services that were never provided.
"Some of these individuals are not familiar with basic Medicare coverage or billing requirements,” according to the MACs.
Home health care services added 6,400 jobs in January, pacing ahead of the 6,125 jobs home health averaged per month in 2022.


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