Recruitment and Retention
Think about setting caps on the number of charts that coders are responsible for in a day to prevent fatigue that could lead to burnout and errors.
Finding fun and interactive ways to engage remote staff can go a long way in retaining them, experts say.
Focus on the first 90 days of a new hires' tenure to ensure they stay with the agency for an extended period of time.
To improve patient outcomes and increase profits within your agency, create clear roles for clinical and operational staff.
Back in the spring when businesses across the country first fell victim to COVID-19, many employers chose to furlough workers temporarily rather than lay them off permanently.
Remote meetings were a brilliant solution to social distancing. Meet virtually, stay connected, run things by each other — it worked. And then suddenly, it didn’t work so well.
If you’re looking to sell your home health agency, you might want to sit tight and wait for the market to settle to get the biggest bang for your buck.
Every Monday morning, Healing Hands Healthcare of Wichita Falls, Texas, hosts a “pep rally” of sorts to keep employees engaged and invested in the company’s mission.
President Donald Trump’s recent executive order (EO) placing limits on the diversity training that federal employers and contractors can offer is raising concerns of a chilling effect on employers’ diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.
New rules for health care exemptions under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) put more responsibility on agencies to define employee roles a key determination in who qualifies for leave under the Department of Labor’s (DOL) rule.


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