Recruitment and Retention
Don’t limit your hiring pool to traditional job applicants — there are valuable prospects among “passive” candidates who are not actively looking for opportunities.
As many agencies struggle with high turnover rates, it’s important to reduce burnout in any way possible. Reducing, or even cutting on-call shifts could be a way to achieve less burnout.
Data confirm that home health aide turnover continues to be the highest among all of the disciplines, though it has shown signs of improvement over the previous year.
In the midst of staffing issues plaguing hospices, cleverly used quality data could be an effective tool to set your agency apart from the others.
"We focus on the experience not just the job. We launched different programs to help show clinicians they were made for home care; they just didn’t know it yet."
According to the 2022-2023 Salary and Benefits Report, surveyed agencies reported that an average of 68.58% of employees are paid hourly, while 49.18% of employees are paid per-visit.
by: Claire Swinarski
If you’re looking to hire a new employee, you’re probably posting your job opening in a variety of places. There are some perks of to using Facebook as a recruitment tool. It can bring new people forward that you weren’t previously connected to, and it can help reach a wider range of people.
A performance improvement plan is a clear document that lays out how employees need to increase their job performance to stay at the company. It should be viewed as an opportunity.
Consider whether a remote scribe service, either in house or contracted, may be able to assist with the paperwork as your clinicians work to learn the ins-and-outs of OASIS-E in the field.
Expect a greater focus on talent quality over spend-at-all-costs and anticipate less over-the-top hiring perks and bonuses at recruiters’ disposal to close candidates.


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