Recruitment and Retention
If you’ve had an open position for months and are seeing little to no applications coming in, you may want to start at the top of your hiring funnel and make sure your job posting is firing on all cylinders.
A Buffer survey found that an astonishing 99% of current remote workers “would like to work remotely, at least some of the time, for the rest of their careers.” The COVID-19 pandemic gave employees a taste of the flexibility that comes with working from home, and it might take more than free car washes and yoga classes to convince them to give that up.
Agencies not only tend to use the same online job boards, which contributes to a sea of sameness, but these listings are usually written based on an old methodology where agencies emphasize themselves and their needs, and don’t engage with the applicant
Social media is a fantastic mechanism for celebrating your company culture and explaining to followers, and potential candidates, what it is that you do, the people who work in your team and what makes your brand special.
Company culture is something that can be adjusted and transformed. In fact, it doesn’t always require massive change.
As the world continues to reunite, we are all different then we once were. We now have different needs and priorities, and employees have come to learn it’s OK to openly share them in the workplace — especially when it comes to mental health.
Home care wages have changed over the last few years.
Employers need to pull out all the stops to attract top talent and retain their employees and this includes prioritizing new and sought-after benefits.
There is no shortage of studies illuminating the unpredictable nature of the workforce today. From spikes in resignations last year to widespread employee demand for continued remote work options post-pandemic, the future of work is no longer a phenomenon we “expect” to happen — it’s here.
Staff shortages has remained a top concern for home health agencies throughout the pandemic, but as agencies look to recruit and retain the best staff, one aspect of recruitment is often left unchecked: the hiring process.


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